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10 Summertime Goals

Using a picture of Romy and Michele wearing Post-It dresses to preface this post with its seriousness of the things I can and will accomplish by the end of August.

Though technically I am no longer a student at this point and so my summer lasts FOREVER.

In no particular order:

1) Go on a juice cleanse and write about my pain and suffering on the caffeine withdraw front. We’ll save this one for June, I wanna go to Trader Joe’s this weekend and get some French Berry Lemonade.

2) Work out daily which has been happening for the last 3 weeks! Minus last night when I took that nap after work. But c’mon now I had been in the office since 6:30 AM. I needed it.

3) Make an incredible summertime music playlist and listen to as much music as humanly possible.

4) Go to San Francisco and rekindle that love affair all over again (happening in one more week!)

5) Go to Chicago for that Leo Burnett headquarters tour I got invited on. I do not need to be told twice to get myself to the birthplace of the Pillsbury Doughboy. I just have to figure out when to go… and if I can wrangle the STL bestie to meet up with me there.

6) Finish all of the episodes of Cougar Town. Challenge accepted.

7) Stay up late every night watching the Summer Olympics.

8) Be super responsible at work with my two fellow social media team members both in Ireland and London for the summer respectively. Keep them busy with blog assignments and news from America. Try not to imagine flying over there to hang out for the weekend at a pub all together…

9) Get super cool roomie (or roomies) at the apartment. No kleptos or druggies or people who claim not to be actors but then you find their IMDB headshot like 20 minutes later from a quick Google search and wonder why they were so adamant on saying they weren’t in the industry…

10) Optional summer fling. That has now been put out there on the table. I feel like Brian Griffin when he was attempting to get Lois to read his manuscript. “I’ll just leave this here… and I’ll leave a pen with it too for easy edits while I’m at it.”


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