Jun 27, 2012 / 2 notes

Lana Del Rey National Anthem

This was my favorite song off of the Born to Die album and I had always kind of envisioned that when (and if) the music video for it was made it would have this all Americana vibe to it. Anthem doesn’t disappoint as the second coming of Camelot for the YouTube generation.

And we are the YouTube generation. I remember when I was 15 I used to wake up at 5 AM and watch music videos for hours before going to school. Switching between MTV, MTV2, and vh1 on a constant rotating basis to keep a nonstop stream of songs playing. It always made my morning. But there aren’t channels for music videos anymore and I catch the occasional opus of a music video on YouTube via good word of mouth from Vulture.

This is a production of a video and I don’t get to view it the way I used to view these things, on a big screen TV with my legs draped over the side of the living room armchair, blinds yanked open, sunlight streaming in, traffic blaring outside, and my own voice brightly singing along to the words while clipping out pictures from Del Rey’s CD booklet to make a collage out of.

Red, white, blue’s in the skies. Summer’s in the air and baby heaven’s in your eyes.

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