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Does anyone remember this Disney Channel Original Movie Pixel Perfect and how one of the characters sang a song with the following lyrics "If I cut my hair, if i change my clothes, will you notice me? If i bite my lip, if i say hello, will you notice me? What’s it gonna take for you to see? To get you to notice me." and my inner feminist was dying about a thousand deaths to see that once again we are creating movies for entertainment value about women forcing themselves to change and fit the mold of what a guy wants and that in this particular sequence it was a teenage girl trying to win Ricky Ullman’s approval. That’s Phil of the motherfucking Future we’re talking about. Please believe you need to pass that one up and focus on yourself being the best damn sparkly and awesome and cool person that you are.

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    ohhhh man this used to be my favorite movie in like 5th grade
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