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May 21, 2012 / 1 note

Chronicling My Friendship with Sara in GIF Form

I have a friend named Sara who is an incredibly awesome lady. Come with me on the journey of our friendship/relationship/co-dependency on one another as documented by a bunch of GIFs.

When we first started living together and I would hear her in the kitchen making breakfast and being awake at 8 AM on a Saturday while I continued to lie in my bed and not move until 11 AM.

(Note: I now wake up at 7 AM on Saturdays. Not sure how to feel about this… but I like it? OH NO.)

That night we went to the LA Confidential party and both met Elijah Wood and Jesse Tyler Ferguson. And then we went to an all day event for HBO the morning after. Lifestyles at the Canyons, yo.

(I’m not going to write here what she said to Jesse that has since become a long running joke between us but SHE KNOWS WHAT IT WAS.)

Me, when she told me for the first time that she was moving out.

Living with B and having to listen to all of her “problems.”

What I’m sure she’s thought about me and some of the more ridiculous situations I got myself into during college at least ONCE.

This sums up everything about us in a neat little nutshell.

When we’d be sitting on the couch together, watching movies, and dicking around online with Kenna (her cat) somewhere nearby and food on the floor around us.

In social situations and fancy parties/events. Viola is me, btw.

What riding in the car with us is like. Sara’s the cool driver here. I’m the easily mortified and embarrassed one.

Watching True Blood, Boardwalk Empire, and Game of Thrones together.

My last birthday at Saddle Ranch. Jesus Christ, what a night.

Shopping at The Oaks/Topanga and also basically our general fabulousness on and off the college campus.

I don’t even know with this one but it felt appropriate.

With love,