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Sep 30, 2011 / 9 notes

Crush Talk

This guy I went to college with who currently lives overseas is writing all this stuff on Facebook about airplanes and airports and carry-ons. As in, sounds like he’s coming back to California. The place he has not been back at for years now.

Briefly: I have this never-ending crush on this dude. I’ll describe him briefly because I have a history of liking guys who are never very good for me and I want to help paint a picture for the audience here:

-very handsome. Tall, disturbingly ripped, brown hair, brown eyes. As in 30 Rock, lives in the bubble handsome. He could order sushi at The Olive Garden and somebody would find a way to get it to him. Calvin Klein would definitely make him an underwear model. Jesus, I sound like a weirdo. Let’s pray he never reads this and figures out I’m talking about him.

-extremely funny. We took a writing class together and used to workshop each other’s work. I loved his sense of humor- it was very self-deprecating and witty, akin to my own (I hope. I always feel weird trying to describe my writing to people, it’s like HEY LOOK AT ME I’M A UNIQUE AND SPECIAL SNOWFLAKE OF A WRITER.)

-I feel comfortable talking with him and even though he’s lived overseas for like 3 years now, I still keep in touch with him regularly.

-He is good friends with my roommate and grew up in her hometown. She reports that when he was younger he wasn’t so innocent, but we can say that about everyone, can’t we?

-One time I talked with him via Facebook chat when I was drunk. I don’t think he noticed?

-Genuinely nice and not a jerk. This is important. So so important.

-Loves It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Basically I have this wonderful image in my head that I get to see him again and it sparks something between us and good things come out of it and maybe it’s a relationship, maybe not why am I writing that why. The left side of my brain is so incredibly disappointed in me right now.

I need to stop this. This is a guy who used to date Gary Sinise’s daughter for crying out loud. I’m not in the same league (even though she herself is not attractive). I’m not sure what league I’m in actually. I think it’s the whole “I scare guys away because I have a tendency to march into a room and demand things and boss people around” league. But I do have a sweet side. It takes a really long time to get it out, but it’s there.

Also I don’t really own low cut blouses or bronzing lotion so yeah….

Please ignore this post for it is chock-full of crazy,