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Sep 2, 2013 / 3 notes

Meanwhile, in my freelance life

Which I don’t talk about aloud as often as I should (I guess?) because:
a) Having your work go live close to every other day is great, but exhausting - moreso than you’d think too. Which is why if you can, take some breaks here and there. I promise that just because you aren’t tweeting every 5 minutes, you’ll still be relevant.
b) The glamorous part (that ‘omg I want your life’ Facebook side) where you go to premieres and parties and stuff only comprises maybe 10-15% of the writing experience. The real magic is in your bed, at your desk, on the floor, on your computer, hunched over and typing furiously to race the clock on a deadline. Often this part is not super fancy but that’s why I stay dressed up when I’m writing too.
c) I don’t like to talk about writing something before I have it written, submitted, and published. Not every piece makes it in the end and then you wind up with egg on your face when it doesn’t and you rambled on at length on Facebook about it for too long. Or not - the internet may be less involved with your life than you are, but YOU will feel the egg cracked all over the place.

Anyway. ‘Bout the worklife…

This morning, the big story was about the casting choices for the ‘50 Shades of Grey’ film adaptation which naturally, I hopped on writing about immediately. I mean, I was excited and still am. Casually, I mentioned to my editor that I’d love to keep covering any new developments as far as this film goes and was granted my wish with a yes (!!!!) so now I’m going to be writing about any and all things ‘50 Shades’ related which is great because these books are my current guilty pleasures. (I’ve had more questionable ones in the past. Remember Lindsay Lohan’s ‘Speak’ album? I owned that. I really like it.)

Great start to the week already! (Will probably make for an interesting anecdote for any future high school reunions too!)

Jul 14, 2011 / 9 notes

Top Five Best Things That Have Ever Happened to Me

I took this from my friend Mayan because I thought it would make a fun writing exercise for my brain this morning before I start diving into work blogging. These don’t have an actual order either. The best things that happened to me were all great on their own terms and it would be difficult to place one ahead of another.

5. Making the choice to go to a liberal arts school in Southern California. Never in a million years will I ever regret my decision to go there because that school changed my life for the better and my future as well. I was accepted to a university in Missouri and one in New York, but did not feel drawn to attend either one. The university in MO I ruled out because they had an assigned cafeteria menu schedule (meat loaf night, gross) and the NY one was for a two year program which was cool but I wanted a more traditional longer college experience. The SoCal school just happened to be advertised in a stack of postcards in the mail and I cannot tell you how I just knew looking at the card that this was my school. It was the one. I had to delay going there for a year a half by attending community college since I didn’t have a loan co-signer but that was okay. It was what kept me motivated the entire time to do my best there before leaving. That SoCal university was where I made my best friends and worked great jobs and internships and had some wonderful professors and classes. The effect it had on my personality and behavior was radical- I became much happier and optimistic in a way I had not been since childhood. That university changed everything for me. It made me open up and express myself more. I felt free there. I’m very loyal to that school and always will be.

4. The film class I took at the aforementioned college. Okay, I wasn’t enrolled in the class and not even auditing it. The professor and I were good friends and she told me to drop by whenever I could (it met once a week) to watch the films there. And I did because I had two friends enrolled in the class and liked to hang out with them. The significance of this class is that it was there I would meet two more good friends of mine who sat 2 rows behind me. One of them would be my future first apartment roommate. In the class, we didn’t really talk but I remember looking at both of these girls and thinking, “I wanna be their friends.” That sounds creepy but I swear it wasn’t- it was just a sense of curiosity. The first one I’d wind up tutoring with later on and the second (future roommate) I would meet again several months later when I was modeling for our university’s fashion show. At the time I was going through some issues with an old roommate in the dorms, and when we both met up again, we were excited to see each other and greeted the other like old friends. We went to the senior social that night and began hanging out immediately after. It was a totally natural friendship from the get go. She just gets me and it makes me really happy. I often think of her as the sister I never had. PS, I’m still close with all 4 girls from that film class. They should make a Sisterhood of the Traveling Trench Coats movie about us (our wardrobe staple of choice).

3. The first time I went to SF. I went alone and stayed for a week during spring break in college. I had never traveled alone before and was itching to. Also I really wanted to go somewhere not only new but fun. Growing up in a big family means when you do travel, it’s on the cheap and usually to a relative’s house or some destination you really don’t want to go to. Nobody in my family believes in an itinerary either which does not jive with my anal personality so I wind up scheduling us with activities to keep everyone busy (I hate sitting around doing nothing). When I went alone, I stayed at a beautiful hotel with a gorgeous sweeping view of the city. Each day I went on explorations of the city- venturing to new places and areas each day. I would usually leave the hotel at 9am and get back at about 7ish at night. I loved being able to walk everywhere and not use transportation and go where I wanted to. I moseyed through art galleries, wandered along Haight Ashbury, drank at Cafe Zoetrope where Francis Ford Coppola wrote The Godfather, had breakfast at French cafes, etc. The experience heightened my independent streak and ensured me that when travelling, I knew I could do it alone, afford it, and still be content. Figuring out if you can travel alone is important: you need to be comfortable with the company of yourself if you want to get the most out of it.

2. My current job and freelance work. I work as a social media manager for a company not far from where I live and manage all of their blogging, Facebook, and Twitter outlets. I also freelance write at a bunch of different websites and at work, write with Forbes. Just this week, I’m also going to be adding another freelance account to my list and also contributing to a friend’s blog. Oh, and I have my two blogs, this one and my photo one.

In case you were wondering, I’m very happy.

And I also don’t sleep much either. A friend of mine once said I’ll sleep when I’m dead which sums up my life pretty well.

1. My family. There are so many moments where we fight and argue and disagree on issues and choices, but at the end of the day there’s always a joke to be made and a smile to be had. I’m going home to see everyone in August. I haven’t seen my family in two years. That seems like awhile, but I’m pretty good with not needing to visit everyone often. A couple years in between works out fine for me. See number 2 above for more reasons why I don’t go home often.

Jun 30, 2011 / 1 note