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Apr 30, 2012 / 5 notes

Things That “The Five Year Engagement” Taught Me

1) Don’t move away from San Francisco. Especially not when the option is to Michigan. Because your relationship will fall apart, people will make fun of you for leaving an awesome career behind, and you’ll start growing facial hair in patchy places and take to hunting.
2) Hot damn do I miss San Francisco. Take me back now please and this time make it fo’ lyfe.
3) The five year engagement does not in actuality last for five years.
4) Emily Blunt looks really, really good with bangs. I almost didn’t recognize her. Power of the fringe.
5) We need more things with Alison Brie in them.
6) I don’t think I would I wouldn’t have moved to Michigan if it meant leaving my kickass job behind. FiancĂ© or no, I would have sat that person down and been all, “Look I love you but I grew up in that kind of weather and climate and I’m not down to let it become my life for another 20+ years. Are you down for an LDR or Skype relationship? We’re the millennial generation, it’ll be no sweat!”
7) But you wouldn’t be watching a movie called “The Five Year Engagement” then now would you? You’d be watching “The 2 Week Date.”
8) On the plus side, the possibilities of seeing who the main character would end up with would be fascinating. So many meet cute options for a two hour film!