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Best album to listen to when traveling, day and night.
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Best album to listen to when traveling, day and night.

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Moby We Are All Made of Stars (DJ Tiesto Remix)

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Moby Flower

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Some Songs I’ve Been Listening to Lately

My taste in music has never been one in which I am content to dwell on one particular genre or artist for too long. I feel like every single day I’m constantly seeking out new music to listen to. I put new songs on my iPod and pull them a day later for a new batch. Maybe two or three from the old batch stay after I’m done. Every now and then I’ll find an artist who can hold my attention for a week or so. The ones that do it beyond a week are generally a part of my favorite musicians group but that is a very, very slim selection and one that has been cultivated for many years (but still changes). Whatever I’m listening to now, I don’t take seriously. If I like it, I like it. It’s for enjoyment purposes. I won’t sit around and pine away on the deeper meaning or anything. I’m 24, not 89.

Here’s what I’m jamming on lately:

Kylie Minogue, Aphrodite/Les Folies (Live in London)

It’s not easy for a pop star to sound better live and still deliver on the entertainment factor but Kylie is one of those very few who just sounds great no matter what. If ever I had to go see a pop artist live, it would be her. In fact the next time she goes on tour, I’m getting tickets to see her (and hopefully by then I will know someone who likes her too and wants to go with me and will also want to get super dressed up, dance and sing along, and sneak in a flask of Malibu Rum). I like and know the lyrics to almost all of Kylie’s songs. The Aphrodite/Les Folies album is different from her Live in New York one because the energy and the crowd in NY was insane. People were losing their shit over her, as it was her first concert in the Big Apple. The London crowd is much more contained. Still enthusiastic, but quieter. It is very hard for me to pick out a favorite song from this album, but right now I really dig her live version of “Illusion” as illuminated in the opening header there.

King Crimson, The Court of the Crimson King

This is a way older song that my dad really likes. His musical influence has rubbed off on me over the years. I like his music more than my mother’s taste which tends to veer more towards Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, and The Doors. Like me, my dad listens to everything from Gregorian chants to ’80s pop to Broadway musicals to hard rock. This song sounds like a sidewalk cracking to me from the way it takes you by surprise at the refrain. I like that kind of sound quite a bit in music I listen to.

Massive Attack, Unfinished Symphony

If I had to make a top five list of my favorite musicians/music groups (had to), Massive Attack would be in that pile. This song reminds me of Moby’s work from his 18 and Play albums. This song makes me feeling like spinning around in a room in a fancy dress and having my reflection be illuminated on very glass surface.

John Legend feat. Andre 3000, Green Light

Back in the high school day, I used to wake up early in the morning and watch music videos before going to class. I woke up at 5:30 usually so I could get in a solid 90 minutes before school. One of the videos I remember really enjoying was this one. It usually got the most play on VH1, as much of John Legend’s work tends to. This is a smooth jam right here. We can only hope to all have a dude with the pipes of Legend’s serenade us at some point or another.

Marsailles, Raw Pain

Shit. This is what my brain sounds like. I had always wondered if I would find that sort of sound and here it is. Very dreamy and hypnotic with a faint Morrissey sample in the background (even though apparently it is a sample from an old French movie, I’m not buying it. I know my Morrissey when I hear him).

Coldplay feat. Rihanna, Princess of China

Amazing, they don’t sound so whiny! I credit RiRi for this- this is the first Coldplay song I have ever enjoyed and she does a wonderful job in it. In my head, the music video for this song is so opulent and sweeping with Rihanna and Chris Martin dressed in various clothing styles from countries overseas, trying to find each other on camels and on double decker buses and while riding elephants and being on airplanes and gondolas. It’s pretty ostentatious in my head, I can tell you that much. Which I find is befitting for both their personas.

Of Montreal, Gallery Piece

I will sing this song to my future boyfriend and hopefully, he will laugh at it and sing me back as equally a ridiculous tune too. Look up the lyrics. That there is going to be one lucky fellow.

Away in a musical bubble,

Jun 18, 2011 / 11 notes

Defining Album Moments

There was this popular note meme going around on Facebook for a hot second there (I know right, memes shouldn’t go on Facebook and it is always awkward to see one) that was called 15 Albums. The rules of the meme were:

Don’t take too long to think about it. Fifteen albums you’ve heard that will always stick with you. List the first fifteen you can recall in no more than fifteen minutes. Tag fifteen friends, including me, because I’m interested in seeing what albums my friends choose.
*In no order, and not including any compilations or soundtracks*

Bleh. I already had issues with this one from the get go because of the no soundtracks rule. Film scores are my jam. When I blog at work, I usually do it to a very long playlist of music from Thomas Newman in particular the scores to the films Road to Perdition and White Oleander. Just last weekend, I thought I was going to pee in my pants from excitement when I found the main theme from Cider House Rules for free online (composed by Rachel Portman). THAT SCORE IS HARD TO FIND FOR FREE. I take my film scores seriously, yo and to omit them from a list of music that “will always stick with you” is like saying I don’t like to read. It’s a big part of who I am!

I made up a list just for fun to see if I could find 15 albums that I love and unsurprisingly, it was hard. On that list were a few filler albums for sure. I wasn’t sure what the rule on “best of” albums was either- I assumed we were going with no on that one so I wound up omitting even more stuff (Bowie and MJ).

The thing about me is that I am not a music snob. I’ll give everything a fair shot to listen to once (everything). But I’m also strange in the fact that I didn’t put the traditional album musts on this list. I grew up in a very music-centered environment with parents that taught me Important Rock Facts 101. Mom schooled me in The Beatles and Led Zeppelin and Dad taught me David Bowie, Prince, and Tom Petty. Both gave me a serious ’80s primer, are currently really into Pink Floyd, and agree that Nirvana was overrated. The only kind of music we don’t listen to is country because it’s all twangy and slooooow and totes redneck. We are a family that loves a serious guitar solo, a thrashing set of piano keys pounded, strong drums, and seriously good vocals.

If you can have it all in one song, you have it all.

I won’t list the entire 15 list here but I’ll mention my albums I love for life. Here are a few of my nearest and dearest and what they mean to me.

Massive Attack Mezzanine

Easily one of the most haunting and emotionally jarring albums I’ve ever listened to. A professor I adored in college got me to listen to this one and I was immediately hooked. It’s the soundtrack to dreams and nightmares all at once. Subconscious merging with conscious. I like to listen to it when I can’t sleep and on gray mornings. I try to recommend them to everyone I meet, especially when people want new music to listen to.

Leaves’ Eyes Lovelorn

If there was going to be anything good that came out of my semi-Goth years phase, it was this album. The interesting thing about all of the albums from Leaves’ Eyes is that they are written in a rather Zeppelin-esque style in that they tell a story with each song, sometimes continuing on the storyline for the entire album. Lovelorn is peppered with stories sung by the sweet lilting angelic voice of Liv Kristine, stories about mermaids and the ocean, love and war, and interjected with severe thrashing drums and guitars. Rock ‘n dreamscape roll.

Delerium Chimera

Another album that helps me sleep at night and is perfect to listen to on walks on the beach (although I’ve heard it being played in clothing stores before, most notably Express). The kind of music that would be perfectly at home in an art gallery, Chimera takes you far from where you are in the present and pulls you to that not so distant future.

Arcade Fire Funeral

Funeral was my savior after my Marilyn Manson/Cradle of Filth/Rammstein phase ended in high school- appropriately titled enough. And here I was wondering if I’d ever fall in love with music again. The voices of Win and Regine course through my blood like no other. When they come out with new albums, I give myself a week to listen to the entire piece and cut out all other music in the process. I eat, live, drink, Arcade Fire during these times. They are the band that symbolizes growing up and staying a kid all at once to me.

Depeche Mode Violator

You know the kind of music that makes you want to sway around in a damn near trance while standing in front of some random guy you just met/friend/steady significant other probably while you’re drinking straight out of a champagne bottle and giggling in a pretty dress, but singing along because these lyrics have significant meaning to you and you know them all, drunk or sober otherwise?

This is how Depeche Mode feels to me. I’d be one lost girl without them.

The Smashing Pumpkins Siamese Dream

This album reminds me of one of my best friends because she was the reason I started listening to the Pumpkins. One day at work (the terrible job I used to have) a song by them came on and I think it was “Today.” I asked what was on the radio and she told me, gushing on and on about what an amazing band they were. That was argument enough for me- while I love most of their work, Siamese Dream is my touchstone. It is all of my dreams coming true in music. The biting guitar solos, the strong and lonely lovely voice of Billy Corgan, the words I feel connected to, crazy drumming action. I bitterly refuse to move into the next life or anything that comes after death without the song “Cherub Rock” coming with me.

Moby Play

You can say what you want about Moby. I think he’s brilliant and I enjoy his constant outlook on evolving music over time. I really don’t remember what song of his I first remember listening to but I think it was “Porcelain” from an old PBS commercial. I listen to Moby in the spring, especially on spring break, for reasons unknown. It just sounds fresh then.

Goldfrapp Supernature

This album is one of my favorite sounds of glitter (Ke$ha be damned) and glitz that I know of. Alison Goldfrapp has the voice of honey and I jam on the electric fading feel you get off of all of the tracks. This is probably another one of the best things to happen to me in high school.

Bleed in your own light and dream of your own life,