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October 13, 2011: the birth of the immortal phrase “Treat You Self.”

I can’t be held accountable if I make a pit stop after work for cupcakes today.
Oct 13, 2014 / 240 notes

October 13, 2011: the birth of the immortal phrase “Treat You Self.”

I can’t be held accountable if I make a pit stop after work for cupcakes today.

Sometimes TV shows introduce a cute side joke but never really go in depth about it beyond one quick episode reference. This is a perfect example of one of those times. I would really, really like to know what songs Ben Wyatt has on this summer jamz mix. (20 bucks says DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince’s "Summertime" is there somewhere.)
Feb 8, 2013 / 14 notes

Sometimes TV shows introduce a cute side joke but never really go in depth about it beyond one quick episode reference. This is a perfect example of one of those times. I would really, really like to know what songs Ben Wyatt has on this summer jamz mix. (20 bucks says DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince’s "Summertime" is there somewhere.)

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10 Reasons Why I Love Emilia Clarke

I’ve spent the better part of this weekend trolling the San Diego Comic Con tag on Tumblr because it’s that time of year and once again I didn’t remember when it was coming, let alone figure out a way to get tickets and GO. The most important part of this year’s event for me has been the Game of Thrones panel as they’ve just begun filming season three which will premiere in March 2013.

My girl Emilia Clarke was there, AKA Daenerys Targaryen on Game of Thrones AKA “my Khalessi” and the mother of dragons. Also a pretty big girlcrush of mine. Let me count the ways, all 10 of ‘em, of why I heart the crap outta her.

1. When I wrote my first article for HelloGiggles, she was the main subject. I agonized for a hot minute there about what to start off writing about on that site. Often times when that happens I just go with what my gut says to do and at that particular moment, we were in awe of Emilia.*

*I recently discovered this article has been makin’ the rounds on Pinterest. Proud of ya - and the rad people for repinning it around.

2. Her body is incredible. Shut up, you’re thinking it too. It is very difficult for me to find a TV show to watch in which I can actually look at the main female character and go, “Hey, she’s curvy. Like me! And isn’t mysteriously losing weight every couple of episodes either until she whittles away to nothing!” Loving it.

3. I feel like we’d get along in real life simply for our hair being the same shade. She’s a natural brunette, as the above photo should be able to tell you. It’s a great hair color. Remember, brunettes not war jets.

4. Daenerys doesn’t take shit from anybody. Brother threatening to murder her? He gets a “golden crown.” Anybody ever attempting to mess around with her dragons? THE MOTHER OF DRAGONS AIN’T HAVING NONE OF THAT.

5. She can stand on her own two feet with or without a man and command respect. Which in a world of Bella Swans and Anastasia Steeles, where co-dependency to the point where you can’t even tie your own shoelaces together on your own is the startling norm, is refreshing to see.

6. I will not deny that it is because of her that somewhere in the back of my head, I hope that the next person I date will affectionately refer to me as a “Khalessi.” It’s not so uncommon, y’know. Ben Wyatt called Leslie Knope this endearment once.

7. I read a story once that Emilia went through a series of terrible jobs, including one as a receptionist, before she landed her big break. Just goes to show you that you never know when your luck may turn it around for the absolute best.

8. She can make a terrible blonde wig look good.

9. While simultaneously inspiring me to actively want to braid my hair. (And I don’t like braids.)

10. Looking at her, I can already tell her future post GoT will be insanely bright. She’s a great actress and in my head, I’m already writing a romcom that I’d want her to be the main character in.


Feb 3, 2012 / 2 notes

Daze of the Week

A look at my collective emotions Monday-Friday:

Monday: “Awesome day! I had a good weekend, got plenty of sleep last night and caught up on everything I needed to have done for Monday. I have a tasty coffee in my hand and I’m ready to take on the day! Gonna see my intern, gonna write a bunch, Family Guy marathon tonight on TBS. Bring it Monday, bring it!”

Tuesday: “I stayed up late last night still riding the weekend high and I’m exhausted. I have so much to do it scares me. Seriously though how do I have so much stuff? I could work all day on Monday and still not be done with Tuesday’s work! What am I gonna write about for the Forbes post??? I have Shine postings too- and I need to work on some articles. Hair is about to be ripped out. Coffee is gone and it’s only 8:15 AM. Is there time to troll through Tumblr quickly? No? Is there time for lunch? No. What about a bathroom break? … no? Halp. HELP MEEEEEEEEE. Also there’s nothing on TV tonight except for Glee and we all know that doesn’t count as actual TV.”

Wednesday: “Okay. We made it through the Tuesday wilderness and came out on the other side. It’s the middle of the week. Halfway there. Almost. There. The meetings today break up the day nicely. I love that. Still stayed up late though. Will I ever learn, internets, will I?”

Thursday: “Pretty sure my roommates haven’t seen me in 4 days now. I’m officially a hermit. But on Thursdays I have Parks and Rec to count on and Sunny. Why just last night, there was a Katt Williams stand-up on Comedy Central and that made my Thursday even more special! (“Crackheads in Cincinnati be working HARD!”). Newsletter lineup here we go! Articles here we go! Tweeting and Facebooking in three, two, one! Dancing in my chair from great emails. I do this on all days of the week though tbh.”

Friday: “Wild card!!! And Friday!! Bagels in the morning, newsletter work during lunch, writing and answering emails nonstop and at 5pm I get to go out with the besties! Or on a slow Friday go home and watch old Project Runway marathons! Austin Scarlett 4 lyfe. Good life. A+ week. We did it week. Best week eva.”

As you can see I live my life on a steady diet of comedy programming, writing, staying up all night, happy chair dances, and the occasional panic attack.


Sep 14, 2011 / 4 notes

Makin’ a Fall TV Show Must-Watch List

This is the first time in awhile that I’ve been so jazzed for a new season of TV shows. I used to be quite religious when it came to my TV schedule as a kid. Tuesdays were always Gilmore Girls, Thursdays were Friends, Sundays were HBO. I love TV. It’s the ultimate in entertainment, perfect background noise for work, and just general love for the characters on the shows. By writing that sentence, I doubt I eloquently enough conveyed exactly how much TV means to me. Let’s try again. Television has been my babysitter, my friend and foe, the reason why I focus on work and also for my procrastination. Sometimes it doesn’t understand me and my wants and needs. Sometimes I have to download it for free on the internet somewhere.

I’ve openly cried during the Sex and the City episode when Carrie turns 30, wanted to teleport inside of the episode of Oprah when she gave away the car, have behaved in a manner akin to a girl gone wild during spring break while watching Conan (laughing and yelling out inappropriate things), and drooling over Jon Hamm on every episode of Mad Men ever. Do not get me started on awards season, a general free for all bashing of designer gowns, laughing at the faces that Robert Downey Jr. and Jack Nicholson make, and screaming at the screen when my favorites lose. Sometimes I throw things. It gets weird.

This fall, I come with a game plan under my belt. We’re scheduling everything out. Most nights I spend writing, writing, writing anyway so why not have TV on in the background for breaks? I might even start writing my TV schedule on my calendar again. Blast from the past.

-2 Broke Girls
-The Playboy Club

I almost put HIMYM in this list too, but I am so far behind on that show it’s pitiful. Old repeats on FX are going to have to tide me over for now. I want to give Girls a shot even though I’m not completely into the premise (I’m almost certain that these “poor girls” will have a sweeping, unusually spacey Brooklyn NY apartment to live in). I’m definitely down with Playboy for sure. Since Mad Men won’t be back till next year, I need all of the ’60s era themed, gorgeously costumed shows I can get my hands on.

-New Girl
-The Rachel Zoe Project

RZ is a must. That’s my prime winding-down and getting ready for bed TV hour. New Girl I’ve already watched the pilot of and kinda sorta maybe liked it? It’s weird for me to write openly on the subject of Zooey Deschanel anymore because I started off being a gigantic fan of hers and then wound up writing for her co-owned website so to some degree now I guess you could kind of say she is my boss? To some degree? I still love that little lady, but obviously I won’t stick up 9.000 photos of her on my tumblr. She is far too quirky and adorable to portray a nerdy kind of girl. Even in her Lord of the Rings references, I can see the hipster boys quietly taking off their wire-rimmed glasses and setting down the PBR to get a closer look at her.

-Parks and Rec
-It’s Always Sunny

It’s the Ron Swanson-Troy ‘n Abed in the morning-Fat Mac power night and hot damn am I ready for it.

-Boardwalk Empire
-Pan Am

I am a simple girl who only ever wants my TV shows to be filled with impeccably dressed ladies and gents, lots of fantastic dialogue, a couple of murder scenes, characters that look stonily off into the distance when they’re upset, a Thomas Newman score, maybe some anti-government political undertones and if we can throw some period piece stuff in there, boom. Great TV. Boardwalk I worry not about since the first season was so damn good and Michael Pitt is incredibly gorgeous. Pan Am I feel very hopeful for since I have always had a soft spot for Ms. Ricci in my heart. If they follow the formula of excellent costumes and dialogue and acting, they could very well be the ABC version of Mad Men.

I’ll click my remote on to that,