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Jul 28, 2012


Today I had my first Tarot card reading at a trade show I attended. To some degree, I’m already fairly well-versed in card reading. When I was in high school, I learned how to read a deck of playing cards to predict the past, present, and future for other people. Diamonds and hearts often held good news. Clubs were slightly trickier. Spades seldom told you what you wanted. Various numbers, when combined with spades, often meant your future would be fraught with death, upset, and legal troubles. I did this for a number of people but never myself. Reading yourself is too biased - you’ll only tell yourself what you want to hear and manipulate bad things to mean good ones.

Here were the results of my reading. Future me is slated for the following:
-my writing will take off and pay me in spades within the next few years.
-within the year I will be signing legal documents that will mean excellent things to come my way
-my grandmother will (most likely) pass away from health problems relatively soon (now whichever one it is anyone’s guess)
-next year I’ll be moving
-but I won’t leave California for the next five years (?)
-in three years time, I will be married. This is especially eerie because in three years time I will be 27 which is the same age my mother was when she married my dad.
-I will make an important trip by the end of October. It will be one of those trips in which I agonize on whether or not to do it. I am to make that trip no matter what.
-I should also stop overthinking stuff. I do it a lot. I weigh out pros and cons constantly and the psychic warned me to stop.
-Currently I have a lot of guys vying for my attention (not to be totally not modest here but for the first time ever, this shit is actually true) but in classic me form, I’m only attracted to one of them. The psychic told me that the first name of the person I like begins with an “M” and I damn near fell off of my chair. According to the cards, he is also equally attracted to me back.
-work is just great. The cards say I will probably keep working within this field for the next five years (woo!)
-and people like to ask me for advice! Neat.